Ramen at Moshi Moshi, Northampton, MA

I have blogged about and ‘gram’d Moshi Moshi’s dumplings a lot, but now in response to the dearth for good ramen in the Pioneer Valley, Moshi Moshi has gotten into the ramen game.  I know that ramen is off brand for this blog, but it is so good I had to write about it, plus I threw in a picture of their Bento Box which includes some of their vegan dumplings.  Sam, the chef at Moshi Moshi, is making his own broths, currently pork tonkotsu and chicken curry broths.  His pork tonkotsu is rich, creamy and thick with a deep pork flavor, it is ridiculously good.  The ramen comes with a whole egg cut in half, and lots of vegetables, and he is also torching the pork belly which gives the meat a char and smokey flavor that diffuses into the broth.  His ramen is the best I have tried in the Pioneer Valley and better than many I have tried in New York and LA.

I also love his spicy, crunchy tuna hand roll, I could make an entire meal of these hand rolls.

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