Don’t Eat at Henry’s Taiwan Kitchen, Seattle

Henry’s Taiwan Kitchen served me a bowl of raw pork wontons in chili sauce, and not initially realizing this I bit into one of them and the filling was cold, mushy and slimy. Disgusting. None of the other wontons in the bowl were even warm to the touch. May be this is some obscure, regional, artisanal Taiwanese preparation using super high grade pork that I have never heard of before? Nope, it turns out the chef forgot to cook them, and I am not sure how that is possible since that is an essential part of the job title. When I talked to the manager and asked him if I had just bitten into raw pork, he responded that he “did not know what they had served me”.

Nuff Said, do not eat at Henry’s Taiwan Kitchen in the University District, or probably any of the other locations.

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