Momo Tibetan Restaurant

Amherst, MA recently gained a new, ostensibly Tibetan, restaurant called Momo Tibetan Restaurant.  The Tibetan dishes seem to be confined to the appetizers and Momo sections of the menu, otherwise the dishes appear to be mainly Americanized-Chinese fare.

Shogkuk Momo

The Dumplings:  there are five types of Momo on the menu; on the appetizer menu there is Shogkok Momo (Potato Momo) and on the Momo section of the entree menu they have Vegetable (filled with bok choy), Pork, Beef, and Organic Beef/Lamb Momo.  All of the Momo on the entree menu are flavored with minced onions and coriander.

The Shogkok Momo are listed on the menu as being steamed but the server claimed they are actually usually deep fried.  After a couple of nights of eating junk food, I decided to go healthy(ier) and went for the steamed preparation.  The Momos are all made from scratch in house and at lunch mine were rolled out and filled to order.  The filling was simple – potato, butter and chopped green onions – basically an amazing creamy mashed potato inside a dumpling wrapper.  The Shogkok Momo were a simple but very satisfying plate of dumplings.

Dipping Sauces: Each table at Momo Tibetan Restaurant has squeeze bottles of soy sauce, Hoisin sauce and Sriracha sauce.  The Hoisin sauce went really well with the Shogkok Momo.

The Location:  Momo Tibetan Restaurant is in Amherst MA, on the main drag of restaurants and stores on North Pleasant Street, just outside of the University of Massachusetts at Amherst campus.       

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