At Last the Dumpling Emoji

The dumpling emoji will display as a soup dumpling on Facebook.

Emoji 5.0 was recently released with 69 new Unicode Consortium approved Emoji, which when gender and variations in skin tone are taken into account yields 239 new emoji.  This emojji update includes the dumpling emoji, which will be displayed as different dumpling types depending on the platform you are using, from soup dumplings to gyoza to something that resembles an Empanada.

This might even supplant my current favorite emoji, the “Man in Business Suit Levitating” aka the rube boy/ska guy/Walt Jabsco emoji.  MIBL was created in the late 90’s for the MS Explorer Web Browser version of the Wingdings font (Wingding for M), by the same guy who created the Comic Sans font.  In 2014 the Unicode Consortium added many of the Wingdings images to Unicode 7, including MIBL (U+1F574), and he was incorporated into Emoji 1.0 in 2014.

Man in Business Suit Levitating on Apple iOS 10.3

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