Weird Ass Dumpling Videos

People have started to send me links to weird ass dumpling videos they find around the internet.

I have seen several examples of Rube-Goldberg contraptions to shoot foods through the air and 3-second speed cook them, and Myth Busters did a test of a system to cook shrimp. Here is the flying dumpling cooking system version of the video.

I got this GIF forwarded me as a dumpling eating video, but I think it is actually a guy speed eating Peking Duck.


This last one is not weird ass, but is in fact a very important safety video on how to eat Xiao Long Bao without burning your face off or ruining your shirt.  See it here at Food & Wine’s web site.


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1 Response to Weird Ass Dumpling Videos

  1. John Rundle says:

    Hi Andrew – really enjoyed those videos!! That guy eating those-whatevers-was a real eating machine!!!

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