A Shanghai Native Hunts for Soup Dumplings in NYC

New_logo_smThe folks at Quartz posted a great article and video about an expat, Siyi Chen, from Shanghai  hunting for Xiao Long Bao in NYC.  Chen hit eight dumplings houses with highly rated online reviews – Joe’s Shanghai, Taste of Shanghai, Nan Xiang Dumpling House, Yaso Tangbao, 21 Shanghai House, Yu Garden Dumpling House, Shanghai Asian House, and The Bao – with The Bao getting the top review in Chen’s tour.   I also really enjoyed The Bao, although I think the Pork and Kimchi soup dumpling at La Salle Dumpling Room is my new favorite.  I recently tried to introduce a friend to the wonders of soup dumplings and took him to Oriental Flavor in Amherst MA where I had been served some really good dumplings on prior visits.  Unfortunately this time the dumplings were a complete fail, so over steamed that the wrappers were ruptured and disintegrating in the steamer.

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