Back to Canteen 82, New York, NY

Canteen 82’s location works pretty well for several aspects of my daily life so I end up going there somewhat frequently.  In my first full review of Canteen 82 I neg’d their soup dumplings pretty hard, but recently I thought I would give them another shot and tried them again.  Turns out I didn’t hate them enough on my last review.

When I opened the steamer of pork soup dumplings I saw that the wrappers of all of the dumplings had holes or rips and all the soup had drained out of the dumplings.  The soup had actually pooled on the plate that was under the steamer, so at least I got to taste some of it.  The crab and pork soup dumplings were even worse. They were so over steamed that the dumplings fell apart when I tried to pick them up.  The top halves of the wrappers tore right off the dumplings, leaving behind a mushy, collapsed meat ball in the ruins of the lower half of the wrapper.   I noticed that the time between ordering and dumpling delivery was very short, I am starting to suspect that they might be microwaving the dumplings to heat them up.

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