Gogogi, Washington Heights, NY

Fried shrimp dumplings

Fried shrimp dumplings

My day job has been crazy lately so I have been doing more take-out dumplings than I should. Gogogi is probably the Northern-most Korean restaurant in Manhattan, there are plenty of sushi joints run by Koreans in Northern Manhattan, but this the most uptown spot selling Korean food.  Gogogi mainly sells Korean BBQ meats over rice and Bib Bim Bop, but also has fried beef, shrimp and vegetable Mandoo. I think their main target customers are the students and physicians at Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center.

The Dumplings: I ordered in the shrimp Mandoo, which showed up fast and were still hot and crispy when they arrived. These juicy dumplings were deep fried and were filled with chunks of shrimp, grated carrot, slivered scallions and a green vegetable that I think was super finely chopped broccoli. The overall flavor was relatively mild but pretty enjoyable.

The Dipping Sauce: the Mandoo came with a tiny tub of dipping sauce that was impossible to dip a dumpling in, so I ended up pouring the sauce over the dumplings. The sauce was a sweetened soy sauce with a little bit of vinegar tang.

The Location: Gogogi is on Broadway between 163rd and 164th in Manhattan’s Washington Heights neighborhood.

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