Random Dumpling News: Streaking at a Dumpling House and a New Dumpling Billionaire

Kanazawa, Japan:  Two men were arrested for “public indecency” for sitting naked in a Gyōza no Ōshō (King of Dumplings) restaurant.  The men were from a nearby massage-parlor/sex shop and were apparently at the dumpling house to shoot an add for their business.  Somehow they thought it was a good idea to do this during business hours when customers were around, cell-phone photos of the incident are circulating on the internet.


Sanquan stock price on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange

Henan Province, China:  The share price of Sanquan Dumplings, China’s largest maker of frozen dumplings, recently doubled bringing the wealth of its chairman, Chen Zemin, to $1.1 billion. The company began as an ice cream maker back in the 1990s and then switched to dumplings when it faced stiff competition in the ice cream marketplace.

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