Introducing Scotch Egg Hunter

scotch_egg_hunterAfter a recent trip to London (see below) I realized that in addition to being a sucker for dumplings I am a sucker for scotch eggs and make a point to order them whenever I have the opportunity.  So I decided to launch Scotch Egg Hunter as the companion blog to Dumpling Hunter.  Since my opportunities to eat scotch eggs are a little more constrained than my dumpling eating opportunities, postings to Scotch Egg Hunter will be at a slower pace than here; Dumpling Hunter will remain my main foodie blog.

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2 Responses to Introducing Scotch Egg Hunter

  1. Rick Dickens says:

    How will you have time to hunt both!?!? 🙂

  2. petertosh99 says:

    It will be difficult, I will probably need a team to join me on the outings.

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