Google is Taking Away The Tools I Use To Blog

Google_logoGoogle seems to have been making unwelcome changes to some of the tools I use to run Dumpling Hunter.  It looks like I can no longer embed RSS feeds of custom Google news searchers, so no more Google Dumpling News.  Luckily I was able to replace this with a RSS feed of Dumpling News from Bing News – thank you Microsoft.

Google also migrated its customized map tool to My Maps which lacks the ability to embed maps with customized zoom and centering.  This makes it very hard to include new restaurant location maps into my posts.  The large map of N. American Dumpling Spots still works and you can click on a restaurant in the drop down list of restaurants to help locate the place you are interested in.  The Google forums are quite agitated over this omission in the My Maps tool.  Any one know of a good alternative mapping tool I could use?

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