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I’ve had a busy couple of weeks at work and a couple of work dinners, so I haven’t had a chance to get out and try new dumpling spots to review.  On the plus side I did get to eat at Le Bernardin and Fig & Olive in the same week.  A couple of pieces of news caught my eye recently that I thought I would share.

  • Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown hit Shanghai and featured several dumpling eating outings.
  • Also in Shanghai, a Sports Illustrated reporter,  Courtney Nguyen, who is covering Asian tennis tournaments wrote up a nice dumpling tour post.  She hit my favorite spot, Yang’s Dumplings, even going to the same location I was first taken to by colleagues in Shanghai.  She also wrote up a great list of reasons to be skeptical about Din Tai Fung.  I have basically had the same reaction at the LA and Seoul Din Tai Fung locations.
  • The owners of Mom’s House Chinese Market, a great Asian market in Amherst MA, have opened Mom’s Dumpling and Noodle in the old Mango Mango spot in downtown Amherst.


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